Tiara Tabb wrote this poem as an original expression of how she views herself and her interactions with others. She said she believes that so many people see the world in black-or-white terms, both literally and figuratively.

Tiara said she wants to find the gray — a middle ground where people can find commonalities and understanding. She sees this as a challenge in her personal relationships and in how people view her.

Who Am I?

I am something seen, but very hidden – unknown,
I may seem one way but I’m completely different at home,
I may be with a lot of people, but I’m somewhat alone,
I’m too unemotional that I don’t understand how far I’ve gone,
But I’m not weak – I’m still standing strong,
I’m happy and glad that I survived instead,
Always honest about who I am,
I’ll give you the black and the white, but don’t forget the gray,
I might be blunt and harsh sometimes,
But my passion comes out at the best of times,
But every once in awhile, I will take your feelings into account,
But I can’t promise it won’t hurt if you ever find out,
So instead of just giving you the black and white, I’ll give you the gray every day.

Tiara Tabb is a rising sophomore who often expresses herself through poetry.